Ethereum (ETH) Wallet for Free - ERC20 Wallet Online by CEX.IO

Are you searching for the best Ethereum wallet? We know it may take time so we designed a secure online ETH wallet. This guide will tell you how to use the CEX.IO Wallet and where and how to store ERC20 tokens securely


Ethereum Wallet for All Devices

Although some may be unfamiliar with the concept of Ethereum, this digital currency has gained popularity in recent years. Ethereum (ETH) sits at the top among digital currencies that have become a popular investment. It was introduced by Vitalik Buterin as a challenge to Bitcoin, with improved transaction speed and more blockchain-related services available. This is not only blockchain technology but also a net of applications — dApps — running on this blockchain.

Many people who buy Ethereum and other crypto are often wondering where to store it safely. The best way to do it is to find a reliable crypto wallet. CEX.IO offers a highly secured and convenient wallet app. In our guide, we’ll talk about what features should the safest Ethereum wallet have and how you can create an easily accessible ERC20 wallet app on CEX.IO.


Ethereum wallet types. Ethereum mobile wallet

If you obtain digital assets like ETH, you need a secure place to keep them — a crypto wallet. Let’s figure out which types of wallets exist and how to find the one that suits you best.

Types of wallets for keeping digital assets

Crypto wallets are similar to traditional wallets but conversely to the conventional ones, which keep paper money. They are designed to hold virtual currency. So in case you don’t know where to store your digital assets, think of creating or buying a crypto wallet.

Digital wallets for cryptocurrency are available in various formats, each with its own set of benefits in terms of convenience and security. But, regardless of the format, the protection of your funds remains solely your responsibility. Remember to keep the passwords that give you access to your digital wallet highly protected.

So, what types of crypto wallets exist?


Hot wallet

Crypto wallets are classified into two types: hot storage wallets and cold storage wallets.

Hot storage represents a virtual place connected to the Internet where you can keep your crypto assets. Namely, this may be a special program or application. The good point is that they are mostly free of charge.

Yet, to use the hot wallet, a good internet connection is a must. There are a few types of hot wallets:

  • Desktop wallet The desktop wallets are usually installed on PCs and keep there your digital currency.
  • Mobile walletMobile wallets, as you can understand from the name, run on your phone. They are Android and IOS applications that are designed for QR-code quick payments. However, using mobile wallets is important to protect it with all possible measures. Set up a strong password, enable transaction notifications, and avoid public Wi-Fi.
  • Web walletWeb wallets are mostly set up at cryptocurrency exchanges. You can access and use them via desktop or mobile web browser.

Cold wallet

Cold wallets are the storage for crypto that represents physical devices. They are mostly portable so that you could take them anywhere. Usually, cold wallets look like USB flash drives. As for strong points, they considered being more secure than the hot ones. However, most of them are not cheap (starts from $100). And they have a limited variety of virtual assets you can store (as a rule, they work with major crypto like BTC, ETH, etc.)


What are Ethereum Wallet and ERC20 Wallet?

Ethereum blockchain is an ecosystem of different crypto instruments. You may have heard about them: smart contracts, dApps, and DeFi projects. Most Ethereum wallets give you access to all these products. However, not all of them support buying and selling digital currencies that are outside the system.

ERC20 is protocol, a set of standards for creating tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. So, if you’re looking for storage for your ERC20 tokens, you just need an Ethereum-based wallet.

Ethereum blockchain is an ecosystem of different crypto instruments. You may have heard about them: smart contracts, dApps, and DeFi projects. Most Ethereum wallets give you access to all these products. However, not all of them support buying and selling digital currencies that are outside the system.

CEX.IO Ethereum Wallet

CEX.IO Wallet is a product designed to securely store BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and other virtual currencies and easily manage your funds.

Unlike most Ethereum wallets, this one allows you to buy ERC20 and DeFi tokens by simply using your card. You can also sell your digital assets and get cash on your balance or payment card. Additionally, you can convert tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain between each other. Or exchange them for different other crypto and fiat currencies.

Still, the main advantage of the CEX.IO Wallet is its user-friendly interface. You can quickly find the option you need, manage your funds on the go and track the changes in your portfolio value at a glance.


How to set up an Ethereum Wallet at CEX.IO

Virtual currency supporters believe that cryptos are simple, secure, and provide greater privacy than traditional currencies. The commonly used crypto platforms now provide the ability to buy, sell, and store virtual currencies on their wallets. Even so, crypto is still considered a risky investment because of the high price volatility.

CEX.IO has launched a crypto wallet to ease the process of buying digital assets. You can keep and manage your crypto easily in a single app. What is more, the CEX.IO Wallet will come in handy if you want to make a fast withdrawal on the go and you don’t have access to the desktop version of CEX.IO.

To set up the wallet, download it in Google Play Market or App Store, depending on the type of your device software. Then simply register and enjoy your new possibilities.

CEX.IO Wallet security features

CEX.IO cares most about the security of your funds, so we offer a custodial wallet for your digital currencies. That means we keep the responsibility for storing your private keys.

Most of the users’ funds are stored in our offline cold wallets, keeping them far from possible online hacks. And we have a small fraction of crypto funds in the hot wallet to support daily transactions.

Still, you’re the only one responsible for keeping your account secured. Make sure to set up a strong password and enable 2FA.

So if you were searching for the most secure Ethereum wallet, CEX.IO Wallet would be a great choice.


How to use Ethereum wallet by CEX.IO

CEX.IO Wallet gives you the possibility to send crypto and receive it with minimal possible commissions. What is more, you can buy, sell and exchange your digital assets anytime. The Wallet has a laconic design and interface so it won’t take you a lot of time to start managing your funds like a pro. Finally, the CEX.IO Wallet is created by one of the most secure and trusted Bitcoin exchanges. You can be sure of the security of your holdings and transactions.

How to register at CEX.IO wallet

The process of registration won’t take a lot of time. You need to enter your email, create a secure password and choose your country. Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and confirm the email by inputting a passcode that was sent to you. Enter your First and Last name and the date of birth to finish the setup. Done! Now you can send and receive crypto, purchase digital assets, sell and exchange them anytime you need that.


How to deposit money at CEX.IO wallet

  • In the Wallet menu, choose the currency you want to deposit.
  • Then tap the button Receive and enter the amount of money you want to replenish your wallet with. Opt for the payment method, tap the button Deposit.
  • Once completed, make sure the payment details are correct and tap Confirm Deposit.
  • Finally, money will appear in your wallet.

To be able to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, or another digital asset, deposit money on your wallet beforehand. If you fund your wallet with digital assets, you can use them for many purposes: store, sell and exchange them anytime you want.

How to buy digital currency at CEX.IO wallet

If you want to buy virtual currency easily, for example, buy Ethereum with credit card or buy Bitcoin,, you can use your CEX.IO Wallet for that.

  • On the main page, opt for the button Buy on the toolbar.
  • You can proceed with Bitcoin purchase or click Select Coin to choose another virtual currency (Ripple, Ethereum, etc.)
  • After this, enter the amount of USD, EUR, or any other accessible fiats you want to buy crypto for.
  • Select the payment option with which you will pay and tap on Buy. You will see the amount of crypto you will get after the purchase.
  • Finally, double-check whether everything is right and click Buy Now. The amount of crypto on your wallet will be updated accordingly.

How to sell crypto at CEX.IO Wallet

Following the Crypto Prices, you can spot the favorable market rate for selling your digital assets. And you can use your CEX.IO Wallet account to sell BTC to USD, for instance. The process is like following:

  • Select the Sell option on the toolbar on the main page.
  • Type the amount of USD you wish to receive after selling crypto.
  • Select where you want to receive your money (card or bank account). The new tab with details will appear. Make sure all information is correct.
  • Finally, push Sell Now, and the amount of virtual currency you’ve sold will be deducted from your wallet, and you will receive your fiats.

This how easily you can sell BTC and get cash instantly.

How to use the Exchange option at CEX.IO Wallet?

To exchange virtual assets you store on your wallet, choose Exchange on a toolbar. Select the currencies you want to convert from the dropdown lists. Then, enter the number of coins/tokens you would like to exchange, and you will see the number of assets you will get. Click on the Exchange button and if the info is correct, confirm the action. Your wallet balance will be changed accordingly and you’ll get the currency you desired.


How to send crypto from CEX.IO wallet

If you want to send your assets to another wallet, open the Wallet app, choose the currency and tap the button Send. You will be redirected to the next screen where you need to enter the amount and the address of the receiver. Type a one-time address, or choose the one from Saved Addresses if you make withdrawals before. Make sure the payment details are correct and click Confirm Sending. You can verify the details of your transaction right away.

Which is the best mobile ETH wallet to use?

If you want to keep and manage your virtual assets in one secure place, try multi-cryptocurrency Wallet by CEX.IO. This service allows you to send, receive, buy, sell, exchange digital currencies with minimum effort. The wallet linked to your CEX.IO account, and money you have on your wallet are possible to use at the CEX.IO exchange. Also, our crypto wallet allows you to purchase cryptocurrency with affordable commissions.

What are the payment methods at CEX.IO Wallet?

At CEX.IO Wallet, you can use debit or credit cards or your bank account to pay for transactions. As well, you may proceed with payments with over 80 digital currencies.



Here are the most general questions about crypto wallets.

Where to find the safest crypto wallet?

Check the security of the wallet ( at least, whether it provides a multi-factor authentication) and who is the provider. Reputation plays important role in this case. The more people trust the wallet, the more secure it is.

For instance, CEX.IO Wallet is designed by a trusted global crypto platform. CEX.IO hasn’t suffered any hacker attack since it was launched and there were no issues of stolen users’ funds.


Should I use a crypto wallet by CEX.IO?

Crypto wallet CEX.IO is secure storage for your crypto funds with the support of multiple options, including fiat payments. The wallet enables the sending, receiving, and spending of cryptocurrencies at affordable fees.

Is it necessary to have a wallet to trade crypto?

In fact, to buy or sell Bitcoin, you should definitely have a crypto wallet. The wallet must be protected by at least a password and 2FA method. CEX.IO offers a wallet with top-level security where you can quickly access and manage your crypto portfolio anytime.