iOS Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet App For iPhone and iPad

Looking for a reliable crypto wallet for your iOS device? We know where to find the best iPhone Bitcoin wallet. CEX.IO Wallet offers an easy-to-use and secure multi-currency storage with the support of fiat payments and here is a quick guide on how to use it.


iOS Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet for All Devices

The popularity of virtual assets knows no boundaries and the use of Bitcoin trading platforms keeps rising. More and more people all over the world became interested in buying, selling, and trading crypto. Resulting in this tendency, many merchants accept digital currency as a payment method. As a matter of fact, technology companies need to adapt to the clients’ demands while ensuring the safety of clients’ payments.

Interestingly that in 2014, Apple removed all the BTC wallets from AppStore fearing for the safety of their client’s money. However, some time ago, the famous company changed its mind and now you can find various wallets to keep Bitcoin and other crypto.

If you use an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook and looking for a secure way to store your digital assets, we’ve got something just for your — CEX.IO Wallet. It's a highly secured app, with numerous crypto-related options. It’s available on the AppStore so you can download CEX.IO Wallet to your phone and tablet running iOS.


How to choose a digital wallet for iOS?

We have prepared several tips for you on how to select a reliable digital wallet for your iOS devices like an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Generally, they are free to download and are convenient to use.

Yet, it’s crucial to be attentive when you download the wallet app as you can accidentally get hit by malware. So, always read reviews of the users, comments and check with antivirus software. As well, keep your mobile under the password (touch/face ID, graphical) and allow transaction notifications.

Opting for storage to keep your assets, you have a nice option — the CEX.IO Wallet. We use cold storage for your crypto funds, but you can always access them by using your iOS device. CEX.IO is a platform with years of experience in the crypto industry, which is already trusted by over 4 million customers. CEX.IO wallet is an intuitive design that allows you to sell, buy, exchange, and withdraw crypto quickly anytime you need it.

As long as nowadays there is a huge variety of storages to keep your crypto, we want you to get acquainted with their types.

Hot and Cold storages, iPhone Bitcoin wallet

An iPhone Bitcoin wallets are a convenient way to keep your digital assets. However, there are also some other types of storage you can use for your crypto. Generally, all crypto wallets are divided into hot and cold. Let’s find out the difference.

Hot or Cold storage?

Hot wallets represent virtual storage for assets, while cold wallets are devices like USB drives. Both technologies have their pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look at them.


Hot wallet

A hot wallet is a type of storage that needs to be connected to the Internet. The hot wallets are divided into desktop, web, and mobile wallets.

  • Desktop wallets need the PCs to be installed.
  • A mobile wallet is an application you can download from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, depending on the OS you use.

  • The web wallet is a technology provided by the crypto exchange. You can access them via mobile or desktop and you need a good Internet connection for that.

Cold wallet

Cold wallets are hardware devices. Mostly, they are portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Cold wallets typically resemble USB flash drives. They are considered to be more secure than the hot ones because all the private keys are kept on external devices and aren’t stored on the Internet. However, cold wallets are mostly expensive (starting at $100) and have a narrow range of virtual assets that they can store (primarily they work with major crypto like BTC, ETH, etc.)

Wallet app

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What is an iOS crypto wallet by CEX.IO?

If you are searching for a trusted app for your iOS device to store your crypto, CEX.IO Wallet would be a great choice. We offer a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that you can use to buy, sell, exchange, and store your virtual money. The wallet is linked to your CEX.IO account so you can use funds from there. Besides that, CEX.IO Wallet enables you to buy digital currency with affordable fees.

How to create a CEX.IO wallet account

You need to simply register with CEX.IO Wallet via the web version or by using your iPhone. To open an account, use your active email address, create a secure password, and select a country. Then we’ll ask you to confirm your email address with a special passcode. To finish account setup, enter your first and last name, as well as your birth date. After that, you can start using your wallet — deposit crypto and fiat funds, buy, sell and exchange a range of digital assets.


How to fund my account?

Before you go to buy BTC or any crypto, you need to replenish your wallet balance with fiat funds. Here is how you can do this:

  • Go to the Wallet menu and opt for the currency
  • Choose Add Funds and type in the amount you want to deposit.
  • Select the payment method for fiat and click Deposit.
  • Check the details and Confirm Deposit. Your account will be replenished in a few minutes.

Can I buy crypto at CEX.IO Wallet?

CEX.IO Wallet offers you to get virtual currency in a few clicks. So if you want to buy Ethereum with debit card, you can do that in your wallet account. On the toolbar, tap the Buy Bitcoin button or choose another digital currency you want to buy by clicking on Select currency on the top right corner ( Ripple, Ethereum, etc.). Then, enter how much of USD, EUR, or any other available fiat currency you want to spend. Choose the credit or debit card with which you will pay and click on Buy. Following the purchase, you will see the number of Bitcoins you will receive. When you click Buy Now, this amount will appear in your wallet and the balance will be updated accordingly.


How to Sell Digital currency from a Wallet

When you need cash or see an attractive market price on charts, you can sell your crypto in a few clicks, for instance, convert BTC to USD. Just use the Sell feature in your CEX.IO Wallet:

  • In case you are eager to buy choose another currency to sell, click on Select currency. If you want to sell BTC, proceed to the next step.
  • Enter the amount of fiat money you want to receive after selling your cryptocurrency.
  • Choose where to send the cash (card or bank account). A new details tab will appear. Check that all of the information is correct.
  • Push the Sell Now button. In a few seconds, the amount of virtual currency you sold will be deducted from your wallet, and you will receive your fiats.

Here is how easily you can sell BTC and receive fiats to your card.

Bitcoin wallet for iPad

CEX.IO Wallet is a cross-platform product. You can use it via the web browser on your MacBook, install the mobile app on your iPhone, and open it on your iPad using any of the versions. Thus, you can download the CEX.IO Wallet app to easily access and manage your crypto portfolio or open the web version via the internet browser.



Here are some answers to additional questions you may have.

Is the CEX.IO Wallet compatible with Android devices?

The CEX.IO Wallet is fully compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and you can download it either on Google Play or App Store.

Can I exchange currencies via CEX.IO Wallet?

Yes, via the CEX.IO Wallet you can exchange currencies according to the current rate. Just go to the Exchange option, choose what currencies to convert, and confirm the action. You’ll get it completed in seconds.

Is it safe to buy and sell Bitcoin at CEX.IO Wallet?

CEX.IO has an SSL and level 1 PCI DSS certificate that assure your card data and transactions are highly protected. For more info, check this article.

How to track my portfolio changes?

We reflect all of them on the online dashboard in CEX.IO Wallet. You can also check the estimated value of all your crypto holdings in different currencies. This will help you to manage your portfolio efficiently.